Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vector Tools Tutorial "Book Cover"

Hey folks!  The last tutorial I did required a little bit of pen tool use.  After it was finished, I thought to myself "Self, maybe it's time you did a pen tool tutorial."  So I started working on the script for the video, intending to make a relatively light weight tutorial just to expose users to the idea of the pen tool.

That "quick" tutorial soon evolved into a 20 page document. (Wow!)  So again, I thought to myself "Self, this is way too big for a video tutorial!"  So that left me with two choices.  I could heavily edit the document and remove a lot of the information, or since it's already a pretty comprehensive instructional document, I could just take it all the way and create a complete PDF/E-book type thing showcasing all the coolness of the pen tool and Photoshop's vector capabilities in general.

I chose the latter.  The PDF will include everything you ever wanted to know about the pen tool and vector shapes (well, at least everything I know about them).  This will be Saberune Design's first comprehensive instructional guide.  We're all pretty excited about it and we can't wait to share it with you!  Stay tuned as we update you on our progress.  Thanks!

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