Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hubble Deep Field

Wikipedia: Hubble Deep Field

One of the coolest things ... ever.

Short caption if you're too busy to read the wiki:  Once the Hubble Telescope was finally up and running properly, its operators (out of boredom, i guess) pointed it at the darkest, emptiest, most devoid section of space they could find.  In other word, for all intents and purposes, they aimed the lens at the cold, black, nothingness of infinite space.

They exposed the image for 11 days, to capture the greatest amount of light possible, and with no nearby starlight to contaminate the expose, they ended up with this.  All of those 10,000 little specks, every single one of them, are a separate galaxy, previously undetected by humanity.  If you didn't feel utterly insignificant in the universe before ...

Like I said ... cool.

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